Ultimately, Kinesiology lets you get information from you. Our bodies are doing their best to communicate with us, that twinge of pain, the pang of indigestion, the headache, the back ache, the generally feeling out of sorts.

Functional Kinesiology combines traditional Kinesiology techniques with cutting edge nutritional science and involves gentle muscle monitoring to read our bio-energetic feedback system, examine energy flow and identify imbalances.

My Functional Kinesiology specialist focus is on seven key areas.

  • Kinesiology Balancing Therapy to tackle priority stressors whether Physical, Emotional or Biochemical
  • Usui Reiki Therapy to support energy flow and spiritual rebalancing to promote inner peace and calmness
  • Food Intolerance Testing and Dietary Protocols, so you can optimize your day to day diet
  • Nutritional supplements using a targeted and personalised approach
  • Gut Health / Microbiome - 14 day pathway for toxin clearance
  • Skin conditions - Tailored to support your skin health
  • Health profiling with diagnostic lab tests - giving you increased awareness

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