“After only a couple of visits to Helen, I started to feel some real benefits both physically & mentally. Helen is extremely knowledgeable in her field and also has a great understanding of your individual issues, which she deals with in a professional and caring manner. I’m feeling huge benefits from the stress relief and breathing techniques suggested. The food intolerance testing I found most interesting and the small changes I have made to my diet have certainly had a positive effect. Along with this and the suggested supplements I now take, I’m feeling more balanced and have more energy”

Lisa M

Shipley, West Yorkshire

“Helen has the magic touch when it comes to muscle balances. I went to Helen seeking help for bothersome shoulder that was stiff and painful — and after just one session, she had freed up my shoulder! It was instant relief! Highly recommended.”

Anne-Marie S

Los Angeles, California

“Helen’s work with me helped pinpoint food intolerances which have allowed me to change my diet for a more settled and balanced stomach and lifestyle. The techniques used unlocked some tensions around my body helping me to be more relaxed, balanced and self-aware”

Phil G

Leeds, West Yorkshire

“Helen works with kind focus and awareness of her client’s needs. She has a talent for rooting out imbalances and finding solutions which really do work”

Sally M

Waterlooville, Hampshire

“I thought you listened carefully and understood what I was saying at the beginning of the session. I felt very relaxed and comfortable during the session and felt de-stressed when I left!”

Fran B

Menston, West Yorkshire

"Following on from the work around my lower spine, the pelvis area felt free and more open. I am continuing to start my day saying my goal statement and when I have been running. I have found it fascinating and interesting working through the different realms of kinesiology. Amazingly insightful. Giving me renewed confidence”

Debra G

Leeds, West Yorkshire

“I feel so much better after our last session. I have been taking the flower remedy and feel much more energised. My hip feels much more aligned after the treatment. Thank you so much, I didn’t realise it would be able to see so much difference after one hour”.

Juli T

Pudsey, West Yorkshire

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