• I practice the Usui Reiki system of natural healing - a complementary, natural energy therapy and Japanese Healing Art, focused on the spiritual, mind-body connection.

    The purpose of Usui Reiki is to aid the flow of energy throughout the body and eliminate obstacles. Trapped energy can lead to physical symptoms, pain, or illness. 

  • Anyone can benefit from a Reiki treatment or course of treatments, no matter what your state of health.

    Improving the flow of energy in the body enables the individual to relax, support the healing process and reduce symptoms.

  • Generally, people find a general sense of strengthening and a deep sense of relaxation. As a supportive, positive, non-invasive form of therapy, Usui Reiki can support the body’s natural healing ability and promote wellbeing.

  • How does Reiki support me?

    Reiki can support you with stress management and stress reduction, to alleviate fatigue, promote relaxation, natural pain relief, reduce headaches, support hormonal symptoms, to increase your focus, release anxiety or ease worry, help you process grief, increase self-awareness, provide direction or guidance on something specific, amongst other things.

  • What to expect at a Reiki session?

    • As a Reiki practitioner, my goal is to create a sense of calm and relaxation and "hold space" for you, to allow the energetic interaction and support to occur in a peaceful and relaxing environment. To foster the mind-body-spirit connection and increase self-awareness.
    • At the start of the session you will focus on your breathing to aid relaxation. 
    • As the session progresses, you may feel a deeper relaxation and peacefulness, as your body harnesses the energy of Usui Reiki therapy.

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