FER-PREP! Preconception Well-being Programme

Why FER-PREP? Epigenos / Oxidative Stress


In Functional Kinesiology we harness new research into epigenetics which demonstrates clearly that our mindset, lifestyle, environment, exposure to chemicals and diet are hugely impactive in how the epigenos will instruct the genes to be recreated meaning, that actions we take for our health today, affect our health for the future.

Epigenos are structures that sit on top of our genes and turn them on or off enabling them to be upregulated or down regulated depending on the environment. This effects how the body recreates DNA.

When we don’t have enough time to recover from daily stressors because of the issues with modern day living we end up dealing with repeated stress and burning out.

When this happens, we start to see the symptoms of adrenal fatigue / HPA Axis Dysregulation. These often only start to materialise once the crisis has passed.

All the symptoms associated with ‘adrenal burnout’ are due to the increased and prolonged level of stress hormones in the body. These stress hormones also shut down higher brain function and the digestive system and leads to an inflammatory response in the body. This all happens due to the body not being able to rest effectively.

In addition being aware of the causes of oxidative stress and taking steps to minimise your exposure is key. Oxidative stress is a major contributor towards infertility. There are many different processes and substances that chronically damage cells and contribute to oxidative stress including:

  • Psychological and emotional stress
  • Alcohol
  • Too much sugar
  • Dehydration
  • Too much animal protein in your diet
  • Artificial food colourings and flavourings
  • Hydrogenated fats
  • Preservatives in your food
  • Oils that have been heated to very high temperatures
  • Cigarette smoke, directly inhaled or second hand
  • Toxic chemical compounds and pollutants in your body
  • Geophysical stress like living near power lines or waste dumps
  • Microbial imbalance, including bacterial, fungal, and viral infections
  • Over the counter and prescription drugs
  • Plastics and phthalates
  • Chemical cleaning supplies
  • Chlorinated water that you drink, shower in or swim in
  • Pesticides in your food
  • Radiation exposure

Avoiding the substances and behaviours listed above that cause free radical production is one of the easiest ways to fight free radical damage. I cover this more in the programme when we review chemical toxicity. Also the nutritional supplements you will receive will include antioxidants.


  • FER-PREP! 60 day Preconception Preparation Protocol

    My FER-PREP programme is a 60-day focused preconception programme designed to boost your well-being, educate, and empower you to listen to your body, provide you with a balanced eating protocol to eliminate cravings, support digestive issues, boost energy and immune function and stabilize blood sugars.

    Includes (4) online 1 to 1 Kinesiology/consultation sessions, including review of your health history questionnaire, opportunity for Q & A, lifestyle planning tips, emotional well-being support, education on chemical toxicity and stress reduction strategies you can implement at home.

    In addition, you will receive quality nutritional supplements including antioxidants and a test for your Omega 3 to 6 ratios. We cover basal body temperature charting so you can track your cycle. All these steps will help you prepare you for your Fertility journey ahead.

    • FER-PREP! welcome JUMPSTART! meeting with Helen (30 mins.) 
    • Review of your health history questionnaire
    • FER-PREP! lifestyle planning meeting with Helen (30 mins.)
    • MINDSET! Emotional well-being meeting with Helen (40 mins). 
    • Shipment (within UK) of your Nutraceutical grade nutritional supplements
    • Dietary protocols for blood sugar stabilization and macronutrient balancing
    • 30 day food intolerance elimination protocol/plan followed by a food re-introduction protocol/plan
    • Basal temperature charting guidance
    • Lab test for Omega 3-6 ratio
    • Customised Bach flower rescue remedy 
    • FER-PREP! Programme Wrap up meeting with Helen (30 mins.)
    • All FER-PREP! programme meetings are online
    • Reserve your FER-PREP! welcome meeting via the Book Online page
    • Return your health history questionnaire and then your follow up FER-PREP! meetings will be scheduled at a convenient date/time
    • If additional nutritional supplements are required, these can be purchased separately
    • For any additional Kinesiology sessions, go to the Book Online page and choose either an in-clinic or online session, these can be purchased separately

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