• Preconception Natural Health Protocol

    It's an unfortunate statistic that miscarriage occurrence is on the rise, a frequent event concerning anywhere from 12% to 25% of all pregnancies and in more recent years statistics show conception rates in general are declining.

    In a study by the University of Toulouse women indicated they felt poorly informed following miscarriage and had difficulty dealing with the emotional impact. In addition, over 80% of women cited the most significant complication following miscarriage was fear surrounding subsequent pregnancies.

    My Nova Stella Online programme is a specific Kinesiology pathway suitable for couples who are seeking to conceive naturally in addition to supporting couples who have experienced a miscarriage or recurrent miscarriages and are looking to conceive again. It provides a step by step framework to support you biochemically, nutritionally, hormonally and emotionally.

    Online programme. Clients accepted worldwide.

    The pathway leverages my Functional Kinesiology therapy, with access to therapeutic grade nutritional supplements, a collaboration with a bio-identical hormone specialist and access to modern homeopathic lab testing.

    Please email: helen@helenmchugh.co.uk to express interest and book in for an initial consultation.

  • As a Functional Kinesiologist I harness new research into epigenetics which demonstrates that dietary choices, nutritional well-being, mindset, lifestyle, and environment are hugely impactive in how the epigenomes will instruct the genes to be recreated and pre-conception health is a key component when planning for future pregnancy.

    N – Nutritional supplementation – personalised and individualised nutritional and herbal prescriptions, leveraging state of the art homeopathic *lab testing for a targeted approach.

    O – Open dialogue – 1 to 1 and Couples online kinesiology therapy and consultation sessions with Helen, including emotional transformation tools.

    V – Vagus Nerve – studies show vagal tone is passed on from mother to child. Exercises are focused on increasing female vagal tone and supporting your physical and mental health.

    A – Awareness – body/mind connection - finding harmony between who you are, what you value, and what you want to accomplish.

    S – Stressors - Eliminating stressors and following dietary protocols to remove inflammatory foods such as Wheat and maximizing macronutrient balancing to support stabilizing your blood sugars.

    T – Toxic load –Reducing your overall environmental toxic load and reduce exposure to chemical toxins.

    E – EMF Radiation – limiting exposure to higher magnetic field levels which cause disruption to your circadian rhythm.

    L – LABS – customized homeopathic lab tests to explore nutritional deficiencies, hormonal profiling, oxidative stress, and toxic elements. Leveraging GrowBaby which takes emerging genetic, nutrition and lifestyle science and blends accessible interventions placing them at your fingertips. It is designed to help identify maternal health risks and intervene with personalised diet, lifestyle and supplement advice, to optimise health outcomes for mother and baby

    L – Lifestyle – promote lifestyle habits that mitigate stress, support your overall well-being, and align your circadian rhythm.

    A – Affirmations – journaling activities that encourage an optimistic mindset.

  • It's also key to avoid substances that can cause free radical production, for example:

    • Radiation and exposure to EMF levels
    • Dietary stressors, sugar, excess carbohydrates and animal proteins
    • Caffeine and alcohol consumption
    • Artificial food colourings, preservatives, additives, flavourings
    • Hydrogenated fats and oils that have been heated to very high temperatures
    • Dehydration
    • Cigarette smoke, directly inhaled or second hand
    • Toxic load, chemical cleaning supplies, plastics and phthalates
    • Pesticides in your food
    • Geophysical stress like living near power lines or waste dumps
    • Over the counter and prescription drugs
  • Programme Notes:

    • All consultation and check-in meetings are online
    • Clients can participate worldwide
    • Nutrition is an integral part of the programme and the types of supplements you will need all depends on your individual health circumstances
    • Nutritional supplements are paid for separately and shipped directly to you
    • If relevant, I have access to a bio-identical hormone specialist and can provide any relevant information so you can also confer with your GP.
    • If relevant, Homeopathic Labs tests can be requested for both female and male: examples - Grow Baby, DUTCH test, Nutrition Profiling, Couples Health Profiling. Lab Testing is paid for separately and shipped directly to you.