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Kinesiology Consultation - Online/Phone

  • All manner of health symptoms and conditions

  • Book this session if you are not able to visit the clinic in person and prefer an initial online consultation with Helen

  • Opportunity for you to discuss your health and well-being concerns 1 to 1

  • Includes our Functional Kinesiology symptom assessor tool to help simplify your wellness journey 

  • Helen will directly review your responses to our health and wellness questionnaire and provide you with a second opinion, from a whole heath / Kinesiology perspective

The Emotional Programme - Clinic

  • All manner of emotional stressors

  • NLP techniques to release shock, trauma and address distressing experiences from the past

  • EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques for emotional difficulty around feelings, beliefs , behaviours or blocks

  • Emotional transformation techniques that help you release stuck emotions and behaviour patterns that no longer serve you

  • Bach Flower Homeopathic Rescue Remedies

  • Colour Cards to dissolve Confusion around the emotion involved, subconscious emotional blocks

  • Kinesiology confidence building techniques, supporting low self-esteem

  • Law of attraction, manifestation and goal setting to create the future you want

BEES Kinesiology Rebalancing therapy - Clinic

  • All manner of health symptoms and conditions

    Kinesiology opens up a much wider perspective to health using a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach that navigates the links between the structure of the body, the chemical status of the body and the emotional state and neurological integration

  • Four phase approach. Four Realms of Kinesiology. BEES balance unique therapy.

    Your body will provide biofeedback to communicate where your priority imbalances and your therapist, Helen applies a variety of techniques to reharmonise and rebalance you

  • Biochemical Realm (Nutritional deficiency, Dietary needs, Food Intolerances)

  • Electrical Realm (Meridians, Qi, Acupoints, and Energy flow)

  • Emotional Realm  (Mental health and emotional well-being)

  • Structural Realm (Physical, Musculoskeletal)

Food Intolerances and Nutrition Testing - Clinic

  • Biochemical - Dietary and Nutrition focus

    Dietary protocols Learn what foods you have a (current) intolerance to so you can adapt your diet to best support your health 

    Nutritional support Harness the power of therapeutic grade nutrition to support your body physically, emotionally and biochemically 

    To learn more about this topic, visit the Food Intolerance and Nutrition webpage 

  • Testing up to 20 common food intolerances - examples: Wheat, Gluten, Grains, Cow's Milk, Oats, Nuts, Eggs

  • I can test for any specific foods you wish to bring to your appointment

  • I test for a complete range of supplements: amino acids, minerals, vitamins and co-enzymes, fat soluble vitamins, adaptogenic herbs and homeopathic flower remedies

NOURISH - Dietary and Nutrition programme - Clinic or Online/Phone

  • A Functional Kinesiology - Unique Four Phase Approach

    Dietary programmes that focus on alleviating your symptoms

  • Diet plans that are specifically focused on your health circumstances and stage of life and that support your goals and objectives

  • Eating plans that nourish your digestive health and support and balance the hormone and digestive systems

  • Nutritional supplements to support digestive function. These are ordered and paid for separately

  • Structural corrections such as the ileocecal valve to improve digestive function and balance the microbiome (at Clinic only)




Notes: Leeds Kinesiology Clinic

  • Refer to the Book Online web page to make an appointment

  • In-clinic therapy appointments are strictly by advance appointment only – no walk-ins.

  • Please return your health questionnaire responses and client forms no later than 48 hours in advance of your first appointment.

  • Nutritional supplements are purchased separately via our nutritional suppliers.

  • Rescheduling or Cancellations need to be requested at least 48 hours in advance.

What to expect at a clinic appointment:

Involves gentle muscle monitoring to examine energy flow and identify imbalances to increase vitality and well-being. Kinesiology therapy utilises a range of techniques according to each individual’s needs. Some of the therapy treatments may include specific muscle correction, stress release techniques, acupressure holding points, neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular point treatment, energy work, food intolerance testing, nutritional deficiency testing, dietary guidance, emotional transformation work, well-being empowerment, homeopathic remedies.

Individual therapy sessions are typically 60 minutes. You can book in for an individual therapy appointment but typically the minimum number of therapy sessions is Four (4) and these are typically booked 2 weeks apart. You can also continue Kinesiology therapy sessions as needed, to provide ongoing well-being support. We call this a Kinesiology "balance".

If symptoms persist, I also have access to modern lab testing and total health profiling.

About Helen McHugh: https://www.linkedin.com/in/helenmchugh-kinesiology/

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