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  • One to one consultation with Helen, offering a Functional Kinesiology perspective to support your well-being journey. 

  • Functional Kinesiology uses the theory of muscle testing to read our bio-energetic feedback system, revealing where your health issues and imbalances originate from.

  • All sessions are uniquely tailored and personalised to best support your symptoms and wellness goals.

  • I coach you on where to adapt your diet to best support your gut health and digestion and to alleviate digestive symptoms

  • Your body will communicate if you have an intolerance to - examples: Wheat, Gluten, Grains, Dairy, Nuts, Eggs, Nightshades plus others

  • I can test for any specific foods you wish to bring to your appointment

  • Nutritional testing - Harness the therapeutic power of personalised and targeted nutritional supplements to support your body biochemically 

  • Understand which nutrition you need to support your symptoms and well-being - examples, digestive aids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, co-enzymes, adaptogens and Bach flower remedies

  • Your body will communicate what priority nutrition it needs at this time.

  • A wide range of health lab tests conveniently shipped directly to you. Discuss with Helen  during your appointment as relevant.

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  • Easily schedule your online or clinic appointment via "Book Appointment"

  • Clinic visits by advance appointment only – no walk-ins

  • Rescheduling or Cancellations for any appointment made, (Online or Clinic) need to be requested at least 48 hours in advance to avoid cancellation charges

Kinesiology therapy utilises a range of techniques according to each individual’s needs.

Check my Book Appointment page for all appointment options. I offer midweek day, evenings and Saturday appointments for convenience.

Optionally - I also provide a variety of modern scientific lab tests and will guide you through the process including ordering and shipping to you directly so you can self-test and includes shipment back to the lab. Examples of tests: gastrointestinal function, microbiome and gut health, metabolism, nutrition, vitamin levels, chemical toxicity.

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