• Food Intolerance testing with Kinesiology.

    Why do a Food Intolerance test?

    Addressing your food intolerances can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing and help you regain harmony and balance. Clients feedback that they experience a boost in energy levels, improved mood, reduced inflammation, ability to achieve their ideal weight and experience a healthier outlook day to day.

    What symptoms are related to Food Intolerances?

    Your symptoms may be mild, progressive, or chronic and could be any of the following and may vary:

    Examples: indigestion, bloating, heartburn, cramps, difficulty breathing, chest pain, coughing, an inflammatory skin condition, irregular or difficult bowel movements, IBS, leaky gut, candida, Coeliac's, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis or any other type of debilitating digestive condition, joint pain, or an autoimmune disorder.

    Why choose Kinesiology for testing?

    Kinesiology offers immediate results and can be a more accessible approach over other testing methods.

    Kinesiology testing represents tremendous value as no external phlebotomy or laboratory fees are needed, thereby offering you a highly cost-effective way of screening for your food intolerances.


    Kinesiology offers a non-invasive way of testing. Using your real-time feedback from your nervous system, via your muscles, to assess your body’s tolerance levels to foods. This makes it an approachable way to assess food intolerances during all stages of life and health for adults, parents, teenagers, children, babies, the elderly, and needle-phobic clients.


    Kinesiology, instantly reveals your body’s real-time response to foods and more importantly, you will clearly experience this yourself, as your normally strong muscle will (momentarily) give way when a problem food is tested.

    Instant results:  

    During the testing, I provide your results immediately, so that you leave your first appointment knowing which foods to eat and which to avoid. I can also test for nutritional deficiencies and give you support to integrate recommended dietary changes.

    Will I be able to eat the foods I am intolerant to now, in the future?

    Food intolerances are not usually permanent. Generally, food intolerances or food sensitivities clear or shift over time, they are not fixed nor lifelong issues if properly understood and addressed. Kinesiology helps you de-sensitise the problem foods. Think of it as a symptom of an over-reactive, sensitised immune response, which can change over time given the right circumstances and building blocks (including eating foods that best serve you, taking quality nutrition and reducing your stress levels). Usually you can go back to eating most foods after a period of elimination.

  • Nutrition testing with Kinesiology.

    Why do Nutrition testing?

    Kinesiology nutrition testing will enable you to harness the power of therapeutic grade nutritional supplements to enable you to manage and heal your symptoms.

    Vitamins– an organic compound, required in small quantities and cannot be synthesised by the body.

    Minerals– inorganic chemical element required to perform functions in the body.

    Herbs– used medicinally for a brief period of time to balance symptoms.

    Adaptogens– Unique ability to adapt their function according to the body's needs. Particularly used to balance the Endocrine System and help it deal with stress.

    In addition I can test also test which nutritional supplements will support your digestion, including testing for.:

    Digestive aids

    Digestive herbs

    Gut repair supplements

    Pre and probiotics

    Digestive adaptogens

    How long does food intolerance or nutrition testing take?

    Included is 45 minutes of practitioner time, details are below and this includes both practitioner preparation time and a one to one discussion after the testing.


    Kinesiologist reviews your completed health history questionnaire form to prepare for your first appointment.


    The food Intolerance testing process takes (25 minutes)

    The nutrition testing process takes (10 minutes)

    Post plan:

    At the end of the session, we discuss your results one to one, and which foods to eliminate and any appropriate dietary protocols (10 minutes).

    What about follow up Kinesiology appointments? Will I need them?

    My clients may choose to do one food intolerance / nutritional testing session or may continue with on with my Nourish session or my Nourish 12 week programme.

    If you opt for a course of Kinesiology treatments then you will typically see results within 4 sessions. For more systemic health issues, chronic conditions or symptoms that persist, I offer a wide range of homeopathic lab tests that provide detailed health reporting and total health profiling.

    As a Kinesiologist, my goal is to work one to one with you, to listen to your health concerns and to root out the underlying factors that are causing your health imbalances whether mild, progressive, or chronic, using a range of strategies. My client’s feedback to me they find this approach enormously empowering as it provides them a step-by-step approach to follow, according to their needs, well-being goals and budget.

    You can book in online via my Book Online web page.

    Got a question? Contact me on 0113 521 3400 or via email: helen@helenmchugh.co.uk